The organisers of the Biathlon World Championship 2005 in Hochfilzen/Tirol also wanted to use this to attract guests from around the world to take a holiday in the snow at the heart of the Kitzbühel Alps. For this purpose the Biatron, a futuristic world of snow and ice enchanted the visitors.
The prominent element was the illuminated dome we designed with three metre high walls of ice. With a diameter of 20 metres and a height of 14 metres the “largest snowball in the world” provided space on several floors for an information and events centre. For an improved insulation in addition to the outer shell also an interior textile membrane was used. Lights integrated in this space created impressive lighting effects and magical moments at the centre of a magical world of ice and snow, for which we provided further smaller domes as snowy and icy installations

Project details
Client/owner:Tourismusverband PillerseeTal
Architect/designer:Patrick Kogler plan(b)los Architektur
Statics:HEG – Beratende Ingenieure VBI, Berlin
System 180:Development, Implementation, Production, Assembly
Town:Hochfilzen, Tirol

Design and planning

»The creation of a 10,000 sq.m. snow and ice landscape was highly experimental and risky due to the weather conditions. Initally a 20 m snowball appeared highly adventurous. But I have never seen such professionality and perfection as provided by System 180.«

Patrick Kogler